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"Our Handfasting ritual was perfectly worked in to our wedding ceremony. We had a huge diversity of beliefs present, the handfasting was treated with the same ease and preciousness as the legal ring exchange ceremony. That was thanks to Steve’s skill and presence presiding it.

It felt fitting that he presided our marriage, as he had done so for my more informal coming of age celebration almost a decade earlier.

I have attended many ceremonies and rituals of family and friends presided by Steve, including several weddings and naming ceremonies, each has been unique and ideally catered to its environment."

Kim & Rutger Vermulen

Image by Kelly Sikkema
"We wished to introduce our new daughter to our friends and family through a naming ceremony. Steve was the perfect person for this. After witnessing him performing similar ceremonies in the past, I knew he would be able to introduce our first born in a ceremonial way that fitted us. We didn’t have any particular expectations for the ceremony, but did have a few things we wanted including. Steve was more than happy to accommodate these and did so well. We were more than happy with the ceremony and will be asking Steve to conduct other ceremonies in the future."

Robert H

Image by Eli Solitas
"Steve performed our friend Ivan's funeral and it was the most personal, most fitting funeral I have ever attended.

I would highly recommend him."

Pat Austin

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